Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Love your neighbor

If you read my book, But the Greatest of These is Love, (if you haven't, you should!) you know that I fell in love with the Russian people while we were on our journey to bring our youngest son home from Russian. They are warm, loving, and generous people. When I saw the following video, I was not surprised by the kindness I saw expressed in a "love your neighbor as yourself" sort of way. 

Apparently many Russian drivers have video cameras attached to their dashboards called "dashcams." Because the country has an epidemic of insurance fraud, like our own, drivers need proof of their innocence. Sure, there were many strange accidents and pedestrians throwing themselves into the paths of cars, faking injury that were cut from this heartwarming compilation. But many acts of kindness were surprisingly caught on tape. (Maybe I am surprised because so many despicable acts have been caught on camera lately.)

This video is very touching, and the music is beautiful. I am now committed to do an act of kindness every day for the next week that is not in my comfort zone. Maybe it will become a habit. Game on? Imagine such a world!

Did these people act kindly because they knew they were being watched and recorded? It is my firm belief that we are all being Watched. No deed, good or bad, goes unnoticed. Does that fact change the way we behave? I can tell you that I much prefer the personal joy I experience in my  good deeds than the wretched feeling left by my unkind ones. I want my "Video" to play back scenes of me loving my neighbor as myself. 

Now enjoy the video.

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