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Debbie- I read your book over Thanksgiving week. I couldn’t put it down. I have so many wonderful memories of Roma. I speak of him often and had actually just mentioned him to my dad a week or so before Mrs. Verdi told me about your book. I had no idea the story behind the adoption…what I knew was so limited. The entire book was so moving and inspirational. While I don’t feel a call to adopt, I do completely understand the need to give it over to God and listen to what He’s telling you. Thank you for writing this. I hope more people will read it and feel His power and love for all of us. Please give Roma my love.  –Beth, Roma’s third grade teacher

My husband gave it to me for Christmas. I CAN’T PUT IT DOWN! I’m halfway through it. You are a gifted writer and have a beautiful spirit. Thank you for sharing both with so many. –Jeanne

Debbie, you are an incredible story teller! I felt like I was sitting with you on the plane and walking next to you throughout your journey…I love your ability to capture the imagination…you paint such vivid pictures with your words. And what a beautiful story! I want more! I can’t wait for your next journey of adventure to begin! –Dawn

I LOVED the book…not just LIKED…I’ve recommended it where ever I can. Thank you for writing that part of your life…I like the parts where God tells you what to do…I have those conversations also. What a shame about Putin putting a ban on Americans adopting. –Carol

I loved the book. Debbie, you are so inspirational. It was powerful, loving, heartbreaking and funny! Great job! –Kathy

I loved reading your book! I didn’t want to part with my copy so I picked up another one to give to my friend that is adopting soon. Thanks so much for sharing your story! –Katie

Took me less than a day to finish your book! I couldn’t put it down. The Michael family was truly blessed, all six of you! –Linda

Debbie, I finished the book this week! It was great! I have a synopsis of your story in my sermon this week. The passage says “Those who listen to my voice, know the truth” which is Jesus talking to Pilate..Christ the King Sunday. Your book is about your listening to God..and as you said your obedience to God..It’s also about kingdom building here on earth..and your adoption of Roma was definitely kingdom building..taking care of the orphans..Great book..I love your story and your faithfulness to God and your family! Love you too! –Sharon

An amazing journey of faith, an honest look at the emotional piece adoption and heartwarming story of a family and a little boy who comes part of their family! –Jana

Hi Debbie, I absolutely loved your book!! Your story was amazing… So heart warming and inspirational!! I hope you will write a sequel … I can’t wait to hear what happens next!! –Ellen

Wonderful story! I see a sequel. –Debbie

Wow! Debbie captured some of the most unique moments of the older child adoption experience! As a member of the ‘secret society’ of moms lucky enough to celebrate our children in this special way, she did a fabulous job relaying her special story. I sat on the same runway at Dulles in the same month if 2002 going to Russia for my second Russian daughter. In my case, as in hers, it was a God thing. I honor her for getting it written down and publishing for all to share! Great job Debbie! –Maureen

This book is so honest, so genuine and is so filled with love and light and laughter that you will find it difficult to put it down. Debbie’s journey into the heart of the Divine Will is a blessing we can all share.   –Anne

I have just read the 1st chapter and already have to take a break. I relate to your feelings of fear and panic of the unknown…blind faith and blind trust in God has been very scary for me many times. I had to take a break to reprocess those feelings. I hope that makes sense. You write beautifully and my break is over. Chapter 2, here I come! –Ann

This terrific book shines as an example of our God’s perfect path for each life. Regardless of our fear, reluctance, and feelings of inadequacies, His desire to bless us is trustworthy. Debbie chronicles this works of God beautifully!

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