Monday, December 31, 2012

Thoughts on a broken world

So my "weekly" blog for the past few weeks has been hijacked by life. The process of preparing for Christmas robbed me of Christmas. I have been busy. (B.U.S.Y.–being under Satan's yolk.)

 We Americans anticipate Christmas long before it comes, starting earlier every year as we try to spend our way out of a recession. Whose birthday is it, anyway? When all that remains of Christmas is budget-busting bills and strewn boxes and torn colored paper under the once proud tree, we are a little depressed, yet relieved, that all the excitement is over. The “miracle” of Christmas is thrown out with the boundless recycling, and we are done for another year.

Who has time to notice that a great Light has come into the world.

God visited earth as a baby to show us the way, to save us. We treat Christmas and it's profound implication as pretty routine stuff.  But if, in reality, it is reality, our reaction should be one of breath-catching awe. 
But instead, my reaction to Christmas 2012 has been heart-sick bewilderment over the extreme brokenness of the world we call home. 

This brokenness manifests itself in ways that breaks my heart. Imagine what it does to God's heart!

Introducing Christmas 2012, a troubled 22-year-old marches  into an elementary school to gun down innocent six-year-olds,  and society screams for gun control instead demanding culture reform. Why do we continue providing a mega-market for violent video games for our children?

A week before Christmas, our  friends buried their beautiful 22-year son, a tragedy made even more poignant by the fact that he finally seemed to be finding his way out of the darkness.

My own 23-year-old is still trying to find his way out of his darkness.

Sickness ravaged our household during Christmas week. One by one, the flu picked us off, having no mercy on  the small, frail bodies of my two-, four- and five-year-old grandchildren.  An even more acute reminder of the fragility of life is watching my father-in-law cling with tight fists to a life that hardly appears worthy of his efforts. Does he not understand the Promise?

I got a new computer for Christmas and I am mourning the loss of the old, familiar one, even though it was slower than a carrier pigeon. Where is my gratitude?

Politicians use helpless Russian orphans awaiting homes with American families as pawn to punish perceived insults.  What leader in his right mind intimidates his enemies by devastating his country's own children? None!

My 18-year-old would rather lie to get out of a sticky situation than confess or explain.

Our schools teach philosophies that protect trees, water, and babies of every species except unborn humans.

We are broken to our very cores. And we need help. We cannot help ourselves.
We live in a broken world. Yet, I have heard rumors of another world. And the Good News of a Savior!

Come, Lord Jesus, come. 

May we be the change in 2013 that we seek.

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